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The Science behind XXtralash™ Regenerative Eyelash Serum

XXtralash™ Regenerative Eyelash Serum has a unique formulation that has been developed over many years.  The InterCell Messengers Technology, in this formulation, are Growth Factors that have been proven to individually have an effect on lash improvement.

The growth Factors work by sending messages to the cells that are responsible for lash growth through a process of transcription and translation;

The Growth Factors are in sufficient concentration that they can penetrate to the areas that regulate the production of new eyelashes.
XXtralash™ Regenerative Eyelash Serum
Growth Factors send messages to the cells which then produce the proteins needed for lash growth.

XXtralash eyelash serum mode of action

Eyelash Growth Cycles and Phases

The eyelash growth cycle has three phases:

  1. Anagen (i.e., growth phase),
  2. Catagen (i.e., transition phase)
  3. Telogen (i.e., resting phase)

The growth cycle of eyelashes is thought to last 5 to 12 months after which they fall out and start growing again.  It is important that XXtralash™ Regenerative Eyelash Serum is used continuously as the enhanced lashes will eventually fall out.


Anagen (i.e., growth phase)


Catagen (i.e., transition phase)


Telogen (i.e., resting phase)

The Growth Factors used in XXtralash™ Regenerative Eyelash Serum have individual evidence of their effectiveness for lash improvement.

Other ingredients in XXtralash™ Regenerative Eyelash Serum are designed to enhance the overall effect of the Inter-Cell Messengers to provide the most advanced Scientific formulation available without a prescription to help improve your eyelashes;

In combination with Salvia Officinalis Oil which inhibits the body’s natural restriction on the length of eyelashes. As well as Myristol Pentapeptide 17 and Myristol Hexapeptide 16 that have been shown to increase lash length and improve lash’s appearance by providing a powerful and effective synergy.

Lash Thickness

The study demonstrated an important increase in hair thickness of 35.8% after 3 months of treatment.

Eyelash thickness was measured using a microscopic camera and Caslite Nova software.

Lash Length

After three months of regular use, a 10.52-percent increase in the eyelash length was observed, and increases in eyelash length were observed in over 95 percent of the treated subjects.

Eyelash growth increase was measured using advanced digital photography.

Lash Luster

Hair luster is the shine profile of a sample identified by the interaction of light with the hair fiber.  The VISIA®-CR imaging system was used to capture the shine band, which is expressed as red lines in. The percent area with shine band was calculated to perform the statistical analysis (Luster Area Index=Px [shine band area]/ Total Px [area of the image]x100). An 11.43-percent improvement in the lash luster index was recorded.

Microscopic images were used to maintain a uniform circular light source. Luster is directly proportional to the shining band. Higher the shine band, more lustrous the hair appears.



Lash Curl

Curl is an aesthetic parameter since curled eyelashes have a higher aesthetic visual appeal.

Application of XXtralash™ Regenerative Eyelash Serum resulted in a significant increase in eyelashes curl of 33.2% during the first month and 50.8% after three months of regular usage. This demonstrates that there is a progressive improvement over time.

To accurately measure the curl of an eyelash, a measurement of the angle between the base of the hair and the tip of the hair are compared.



XXtralash™ Regenerative Eyelash Serum can strengthen weakened and damaged eyelashes by penetrating not only the eyelash shaft but it also reaches the most important part –The eyelash bulb.

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The photographs below show an 82% improvement in the thickness and length of the eyelashes following only 4 weeks’ twice daily application of XXtralash™ Regenerative Eyelash Serum.

Science Eyelash serum XXtralash

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